We take the call to hunting seriously, and like the verse below, do it in a way to serve others- whether that be telling people about Jesus or feeding people with meat from our harvests- there’s not much that tastes better than a whitetail deer.



“Now then, take your weapons, your quiver and your bow, and go out to the field and hunt game for me”   -Genesis 27:3


These deer were once nearly driven to extinction but have made a magnificent recovery due to conservation and hunting efforts. We are certainly thankful for that, as bowhunting whitetail is one of our most targeted species. In the Eastern US, whitetails stand among the few options for big game hunting and produce a great challenge for a bowhunter as these are often highly pressured and weary animals.

We do most of our hunting in WV but recently ventured into OH as well. We have been blessed to harvest a few Pope & Young caliber deer, and have several more on our “hit list.” For us, management is key for promoting healthy herds and big bucks. In this, we take only mature bucks and does and promote others to do the same. We are thankfully able to hunt Southern WV’s bow-only counties, where bucks grow big, few people hunt, and the hunting is tough. Our efforts are paying off. We have a buck on the property now that we believe to be Boone & Crockett capable. In Ohio, food sources and a one-buck limit contribute to the state’s reputation for giant deer; our trail cam pics confirm this and we hope to cash in on one soon.

Scouting, playing the wind, finding food, and hunting the rut are four important keys to killing a big buck in this area. We’ve had enough failure to know what doesn’t work and enough success to know what does. As we continue our hunts, we hope you grow alongside us as hunters and outdoorsmen.