Deer Hunting Season has been a tradition in our families for a long time, and we continue to enjoy the pursuit of these animals. That tradition holds in true in both archery and firearm season, though we have collectively found our passion in archery. So, as the 2018 West Virginia Archery Season continues we have high hopes for our various properties. Through management, we have several Pope & Young caliber deer to chase after that we desperately want to put an arrow through! This holds especially true for Cam and Chance, as they weren’t able to harvest a mature buck last season. For Cole and Clayton, they hope to one-up their Pope & Young harvests from last season. Also, stay tuned because we plan on filling freezers with a few does soon.

As mentioned, the blood of an animal seems to have significance to hunters, and the four of us are no exception. Most hunters love the feeling of a heavy blood trail suggesting you made a good shot and are in for a quick recovery, eliminating unnecessary suffering for the animal that you are sacrificing for your benefit. Even after retrieval the blood seems somewhat sacred. I know a lot of hunters were pressured to either eat the heart or drink a cup of blood from their first deer for “luck” or something similar, which is a long-lasting tradition that solidifies this sacred feel. So through this deer’s sacrifice of its life, we are able to keep living. Its blood signifies something, as does sacrificial practice throughout history.

I’m interested to see what will happen to this tradition as our culture strays away from religious foundations that practice or have a history with sacrifice, and as it ventures away from supposedly “graphic” images and controversial practices. Still, if that tradition is eventually lost, the power of blood holds. The fact that so many people are grossed out by it, or find it obscene proves that point. Many people would prefer an animal not to die, refusing the sacrifice and avoiding the blood altogether.


The power of blood is intricately sewn into Christianity from the very beginning. For Jews, the blood of various animals was required for atonement of sins; as a result, they fully understood that power in a way we likely never will. I can’t imagine doing that for repentance; giving the best animal that I have for the wrong that I’ve done. Though we are still called to make things right in repentance, it’s a little different.

We cringe at the death of something innocent- such as a puppy or child. Imagine an innocent being, perfect in every way, being conspired against, tortured, and left to die. If you can picture that, you get Jesus. This man willingly went through all of this, and even more, to satisfy the need for a sacrifice. He became the perfect sacrifice, so great that nothing could ever beat it, and so strong that it covers every man and woman that will ever exist. His blood is the source of the power that we sometimes attribute to something as trivial as a deer; which is objectively meaningless when compared to a human being. Better yet, God in the flesh did this for us. He did this for you.

Now, He wants nothing more than you to accept his sacrifice and let it cover your sins eternally. The power of the blood that so many people recognize without even realizing it can cover them too. The invitation is open; it only takes belief in what He did for you. So, as you spill some blood this season, stop and think about someone who spilled blood for you.